This is a website project for a not-for-profit sports organisation in Gretna

June 2020
Gretna F.C. Youth Academy
Landing pages that are fully responsive

This project was about helping a community sports not for profit from Gretna establish a web presence as well as allowing them to utilise opportunities for sponsorship. The project involved creating a website from scratch which the team did not have previously. We worked closely with the club to obtain and organise all relevant information before creating a version of the site which optimised that input for usability.

We then went on to finish the design of the pages and we created associated processes and tools to help the team with some other functions that were required such as the delivery of critical information for parents.

High level presentation of squads and purpose leading to more info for parents

We organised information about the project in a way that was intuitive for visitors and allows the easy access of information.

This part of the project was about rationalising a lot of data and making sure that it was organised in a way that was usable but also bold and easy to absorb.

This has helped the website with ranking on Google but most importantly continues to draw relevant useful feedback from visitors.

The project also benefited from some additional features which we created as part of the overall process which included the deliver of registration forms and policies directly from the website. This was a planned feature that did not add anything to the overall cost or delivery time for the project.

Delivery of critical information directly from the site.

As part of the project we also helped with creating business listings on Google and other platforms as well as a number of other additional marketing functions to help with searchability on the web and various online listings.

CoffeeCups Ink continues to provide support for this project on an "at cost" basis where we donate time to keep things ticking along in the background.

If you are involved with a charity or a non-profit organisation that needs similar assistance with web and digital technologies please get in touch for more information about how we can help you!

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