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We create amazing Webflow templates for creative people all around the world and help brands stand out.

What is a website?

A website is a collection of information that is saved on a remote computer and is recalled by your desktop, mobile or tablet when you enter the websites address on your browser.

What is a domain name?

Domains are very similar to postal addresses. They are needed to help computers connect over the internet. A simple example is the domain associated with this website which is www.coffeecupsink.com. You need a domain name before you can publish a website.

What is web-hosting?

If a website is a collection of information then that information needs to be saved on a computer somewhere. Web-hosting is a service provided by a remote computer on which your website is saved or hosted.

How do I order a website?

You need to contact us with your requirements so that we can prepare a quote and estimate how long it will take for your web property to be created and published.

What will I need before putting an order in?

Preparation is key to everything that you do. You need to think carefully about what you are trying to achieve with your website or design product. It is good practice to make a list (electronic or otherwise) of the assets you want used and pass this on to us at the time of your order. This could be things like your logo, colour scheme, editorial copy and photography amongst other things.

How much does a website really cost?

Every project is different! This doesn't mean expensive, it simply means that a one page website will probably be cheaper than multi tier web-shop. Unlike all but a handful of our competitors we offer transparent pricing for our website services, find out more by navigating to our pricing page.

How do you handle payments?

Coffee Cups Ink uses FreeAgent as our accounting software provider and all invoicing is handled securely through their platform. We utilise STRIPE and PayPal for all payments as well as traditional banking methods to settle business to business transactions.

How do you handle accounts?

Coffee Cups Ink uses Monday.com as a gateway for all our clients. This service is provided free of charge. Monday allows us to provide very accurate workflow, reporting and account management and is free for all clients.

What are your business hours?

We work on a "four on, four off" cycle which means we can service most request efficiently whether they come from the U.K. or abroad and still maintain a good work-life balance. Having said that we monitor emails and other communication channels more regularly and will normally respond to requests very quickly with an E.T.A.


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